Tournament Tickets

Tournament Tickets

Tournament tickets are now available at Winning Poker Network! You can earn tournament tickets to all your favorite events through satellites, social media raffles, and special promotions. These tickets can be used whether you’re entering or re-entering a tournament.

The best part is, when you use a tournament ticket, you’ll still be credited with all points, elite benefits and rewards that you would if you were using cash!

Ticket Manager

Now that you have access to tournament tickets, we’ve developed a tool to help you manage them effectively so you never miss out on using them.

To access the tool, login to the poker client and click on the “My Account” heading at the top of the screen, then choose “Ticket Manager”. A pop-up window will then appear that displays all the tickets you have available to you. You can also check your history by specifying dates in the calendar boxes.

Information that is displayed includes the name, value of the ticket, date it was awarded, expiration date, the status of the ticket and the tournament ID.

Make sure you keep an eye on which tournament tickets you have so you’ll know to use them before they expire! It’s a great tool to help you plan what days you want to play!

Terms and Conditions

  • If a player has a tournament ticket to enter a tournament, the player must register using the tournament ticket instead of registering with tournament bucks or cash.
  • If a player does not have a tournament ticket but has enough tournament bucks to register, the player must register with tournament bucks instead of cash.
  • If a player has some, but not enough tournament bucks to purchase a ticket, a combination of tourney bucks and cash may be used to enter the event.
  • The tournament ticket must be used for a tournament with the exact same buy-in amount as the ticket.
  • Tournament tickets have no cash value, so cannot be used as a buy-in to a bigger or smaller event.
  • Tournament tickets are non-transferable.