Straddle Tables

Winning Poker Network gives players the opportunity to liven up the action with live straddles!

At any one of WPN many cash games players now have the option of putting in twice the big blind to really get the pots going and buy themselves the privilege of being the last to act pre-flop.

Here’s how a straddle works:

  • If you are the player to the direct left of the big blind you may put in twice the big blind before the cards are dealt. You can do this by checking the circle next to the Straddle option you’ll see at the bottom left hand of the cash game you’re playing.
  • Your blinds will automatically be posted next to the big blinds and action will start with the player to your immediate left. Now, instead of the big blind having the last option to raise/call or fold it will be you.
  • Post-flop play continues normally and you then play your turn after the blinds have acted should they have called to see the flop.
  • The advantage of a straddle is that every once in a while you’ll get that perfect hand and have the opportunity to raise the whole table being last to act. You’re opponent’s rarely give you credit for a hand as you made your initial investment of the blinds before seeing your cards.
  • Pots get inflated and if you’re fortunate enough to pick up that monster hand in a straddle… you’ve got a much better chance of getting paid off!

So always remember if the game gets a bit tight or slow, a straddle or two can do mountains to liven in up and get the action going!