For some, playing one table just isn’t enough. If this is your case, Winning Poker Network has you covered! Thanks to the latest upgrade, WPN allows you the option to play up to 24 tables simultaneously! In the lobby, simply double click on as the desired tables you wish to play and take your seat and begin playing. In order to better visualize all the tables at which you’re sitting, WPN provides two different ways to layout your tables.

Table Cascading

Once you’ve selected all of your tables that you want to play and you wish to cascade your tables, simply click on the VIEW button on the top left corner of the playing table on any table. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can select Cascade Windows. Alternatively, you can simply hit F7 and all your tables will automatically cascade. The cascade table option layers all your tables atop one another and automatically brings the table to your attention that has utilized the most of your allotted time. You can easily multi-table with this technology by making one decision at a time. As soon as you’ve made a decision on one table, the software automatically cycles through to the next.

Table Tiling

The other option available to best visualize all the open tables it the table tiling option. Just like cascading option click VIEW in the top left corner of your table. Select the table tiling option or simply press F6 and all of your tables will line up to fit your screen one next to the other. For those with a good eye you can formulate your decisions and plans for every poker hand before it’s your time. When multi-tabling, be sure to engage your auto-time bank option to allow for the maximum allotted time to formulate your best decisions at the tables!