Late Registration

Winning Poker Network allows for late registration on every tournament. If you’re tied up with work or another commitment and can’t make it home in time to start your favorite nightly tournament… it’s not a problem… WPN late registration will ensure you have plenty of time to get in. Depending on the buy-in and structure of the tournament Winning Poker Network allows for late registration all the way up to 180 minutes of tournament play!

Late registration is not only a fantastic way in which everyone has the opportunity to get into the action, but prize pools often climb too much greater amounts as there are more and more players getting into the action than ever before! Late registration can also be a great tool if you take that bad beat early on in the tournament and want to give the poker tournament another try.

As WPN has cutting edge re-entry technology, you can re-enter the tournament as if you were a brand new player at any time that late registration is still open. You can determine the status of each tournament at any time by accessing the tournament lobby. On the right hand side of the tournament listing there is a column called ‘State’. This lists all the status of the tournaments hosted at that time by WPN including Registering, Late Registration, or Finished.



If you would like to see how many levels of the tournament have passed before you decide to register, they are displayed in the columns to the direct left under the heading ‘Level’. If you would like to know how long you have to late register in the particular tournament you want to play, simply double click on the desired tournament and it will tell you exactly how many levels remain in late registration in the Status section of the individual tournament lobby.


You now have lots of time and multiple opportunities to maximize your winnings on any single tournament!