Auto Top Up

As poker players, it’s important to be prepared for that long awaited situation where you can get as many chips in the post as possible when you come across that winning hand. There is nothing worse than losing a pot right before you get into that great spot and not being able to capitalize on the situation because you were left short stacked from the previous hand.

WPN has the solution. The new Auto Top Up Feature allows your chips to be topped up to your desired level after every single hand that you play ensuring that you’ll never be left short stacked when you’re ready to get paid for that great hand.

Here’s how it works:

If you lose some cash playing in ring games, your chips will be automatically replenished back up to the amount you set as your default stack size—as long as you’ve got cash in your account to back it up. In order to have this feature enabled follow these steps:

  1. Click the Table Options icon in the top left corner of your cash game table
  2. A pop up box will appear from where you click on the Buy/In/Top UP tab
  3. Check the Top Up box and then set your Top Up criteria

You’ll have 3 options from which to choose how much you want as a minimum to begin every hand.

  • The table minimum
  • The table maximum
  • A set number of blinds (as long as it’s below the maximum starting stack of the table you’re playing)

Select your preference and you’ll never be short stacked again.

Why you’ll love it

  1.  You’ll never miss a hand while you’re attempting to manually add chips to your stack
  2.  Always have your desired amount of chips to maximize profit
  3.  One less thing to worry about so you can spend your time focusing on playing optimally at the table